Interview with Miguel Guerreiro Lourenço


What is a current project you are working on?

I like writing a multitude of things; Fate, a fantasy graphic novel heavily-inspired by Dungeons and Dragons, that I have co-created with an amazing French illustrator, Bruno Wright, is one current project I’m super excited about.

What is the piece of writing advice, good or even bad, that you have received that has impacted you the most?

Just write. It’s a common advice, from lecturers to writers, for you to be a writer you need to write AND read a lot. You don’t need to nail it down in the first draft, but if you get that down, it’s half of the way there.

What are some of the greatest influences upon your writing, whether other writers or outside influences?

Life and my own experiences tend to guide my poetry, coated by hip-hop and slam poetry rhythms; but for writing in general, Video Games and Comic Books inspire me tremendously. Brian K. Vaughan, for example, is a writer who has written very different things and has excelled in many forms. I respect that. Neil Druckmann, writer at Naughty Dog is also a huge influence on my narratives.

What do you enjoy most about writing? Why or when did you start writing?

The freedom and the opportunity to create something different, something that can inspire us to engage with the world I have built or to build something new themselves. Catharsis is often what drives us to write, it’s definitely what inspired me to pick up poetry in my teens; but it’s the part of me as a storyteller that aches to touch people’s hearts.

Do you have a favorite place to write, or are there any habits, rituals, inspirations, etc. that help you write best? 

Watching or reading some of my favorite things or even something along the same lines always excites me to do a bit of writing myself. Normally a cup of tea, some music (the absence of lyrics depends on the genre) and quite a big deal of procrastination prior to opening a new Word file is enough to get the job started.

Can you recommend one book that you think everyone should read and tell us why?

I could recommend a fantasy best-seller or a poetry pamphlet that shines a new light on taboo subject, but I believe we are in need of dreams. The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is a book I read as a child that touched me greatly. The first few pages are a perfect example of what I mean. It’s a magical book that could shift one’s perspective to what truly matters, and what could happen if you simply let go.